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Bodega Renamed to Brick & Mortar

Posted by Nicholas McCollum on

After much debate, we decided to rename Bodega to Brick & Mortar. There are a few reasons for this:

  • In some countries, the word bodega has specific meanings that have nothing to do with the game’s titular small grocery stores. We’d like to avoid this confusion.

  • With further development and the direction of the artwork, the game lost some of its connection to the aforementioned stores.

  • We concluded that the use of the name Bodega might offend some folks. Although there is nothing in the game about exploiting bodega owners or employees, some might understandably consider use of the name to be undue cultural appropriation. Today’s world doesn’t need any more division—particularly on account of a name that now has only a tenuous connection to the game’s theme.

Brick & Mortar represents all of the stores, and it still reflects the gritty struggle of thin profit margins that the game embraces. We hope you like the new name!

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