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Artwork Update

Posted by Nicholas McCollum on

We're happy to announce that the artwork for Bodega is complete!

Tristam Rossin beautifully illustrated over 70 individual stores—as well as cityscapes for the main board, screens, and player boards.

Scroll down for some examples. And keep an eye out for some fancy gameplay photos on the Octoraffe Games Instagram page in the coming weeks.

Store Cards

Brick & Mortar Store Cards

Each store has unique artwork to reflect its theme. This was originally a Kickstarter stretch goal, but Tris was having fun making them, so… time to think of some new stretch goals!

Market Cards

Brick & Mortar Market Card Spread

You use the market cards to advertise each round. So, we designed them to evoke the style of circular ads!

Main Board

Brick & Mortar Game Board

All of the content is on one board now, including a place to gather the demand cards. For easy reference, the player screens will also include the point costs, resource costs, and phase descriptions.

Player Feedback

Many playtesters requested a place for the demand cards, so we added a section on the main board. We also widened the shelves of high-capacity stores to better hold the resource cubes.

Some players wanted to see a reference with game metadata (store price ranges, market card distribution, etc.). We decided to add this information to the back cover of the rulebook. That way, it'll be easy to access but it won't get in the way.

Thank you to all of you who provided such great suggestions!

What's next?

It'll be a few weeks getting the full-art prototypes from the printer. Then they’re off to some reviewers. During that time, we'll put the Kickstarter campaign page together and continue to spread the word. It finally feels like we’re getting close!

As of right now, we're scheduled to attend GenCon, SoCon, and BGG Con later this year. But that will depend on the state of the pandemic. If any of those conventions do happen, please come play with us!

If you haven’t yet, check out the Bodega entry on BGG where you can access the latest version of the rules as well as a (mostly) up-to-date PnP version.

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