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About Octoraffe Games

I am Nick, founder of Octoraffe Games. I blend interests in systems theory, behavioral economics, and game theory into interactive strategy games.

Octoraffe Backstory

Born out of nostalgia, the name pays homage to old friends who reminded me just how much fun gaming could be.
In college, we had a "Monday night Catan" group that, as you might expect, got together every Monday night for some rowdy games of Catan. The octoraffe developed out of some brainstorming with folks in the group—a creature with the tentacles of an octopus and the neck and head of a giraffe. It lives in the ocean and feeds on birds, using its tentacles to propel itself out of the water and its long neck to snatch the birds out of the air. When I created a game company many years later, choosing the name was a no-brainer.