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A Delightfully Tense Economic Game

Bodega is an unforgiving game of narrow margins, uncertainty, and tense decisions. Two to four players assume the role of enterprising bodega owners who expand their reach into a variety of markets. Over multiple rounds, they try to maximize profits, build equity, and undercut the competition—all while dealing with a market that can change at the whim of their opponents.

Each round, players simultaneously (and secretly) determine the market, speculate on the different resources, sell what they can (or bluff), invest in victory points, and manage their storefronts. Each new store in a player’s building provides unique benefits and restrictions. In the end, the player with the greatest investment in both stores and points wins.

Simultaneous Actions

Players make the majority of their decisions simultaneously, which leads to very little downtime.

Market Manipulation

Players collectively establish the market each round by playing cards to affect either the supply or demand of resources. This information remains hidden to opponents until the appropriate phases.

Over 60 Unique Stores

Every store in the game provides a unique way to earn points, gain extra cash, and manipulate the markets for food, clothing, electronics, jewelry, and art.

Player Interaction

Even though players build up their own tableaux of stores, every decision they make affects their opponents—whether it be determining supply and demand, choosing which markets to enter (or leave), evaluating the price of stores and resources, or investing in victory points.

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